4 Easy Tips On Overcoming Barriers in Reaching Tough Prospects


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The barriers to delivering your message are great. How can you get your content onto the desks – and desktops, laptops, and tablets – of qualified customers?

You need to give your content a boost by getting it published in media already read and trusted by those high-level prospects.

What content formats and outlets are desirable? They could be:

  • A guest post on a highly respected blog serving your industry
  • A white paper, video, infographic, or other content posted on the website of a professional or industry association
  • An article published in a trade or professional magazine – print or digital

Have the avatar in mind

Be sure to have a clear image of your ideal client. Some call this an “avatar.”

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You need to learn to think like your prospects in order to target media that will be effective in reaching them.

In identifying your avatar, you recognize that the best audience for your particular message is those who provide legal counsel for the oil-and-gas companies because they are tasked with managing liabilities.

Your avatar: Juanita – the head of in-house legal counsel for an oil-and-gas company based in Houston who may have some interest or inclination toward green energy.

Use four facets of your avatar’s perspective

1)  Industrial media

Juanita reads media relevant to the oil-and-gas industry.

You don’t have a large advertising budget, so you craft an article about how solar power can help the oil-and-gas sector demonstrate due diligence to manage liabilities.

2)  Professional or occupational media

Juanita is an attorney. You write an article about the legal aspects of solar power, including a recent legal case or new relevant environmental regulation.

3)  Geographic media

Juanita lives and works in Houston, which has an economy that is heavily dependent on oil and gas.

You take on the challenge of the Houston media. You pitch a story about an oil-and-gas company in the Houston area that is getting involved in solar power.

4)  Issue- or cause-related media

Juanita is interested in sustainability issues. You create a guest post for one of those blogs and incorporate influencer interviews from people in the oil-and-gas sector who advocate solar energy.

Medium regulates the message

Kelowna website design company suggests that you don’t forget that the publication’s orientation should dictate the content you develop.

Niche publications serving an industry, occupation or profession, geographic area, or cause are often eager to receive informative content provided it is relevant to their readers.

So don’t forget these 4 tips on how to overcome barriers in reaching tough prospects…..1)  use industrial media;  2)  use professional and occupational media;  3)  use geographic media;  and 4)  use issue or cause-related media.

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